Vstep Köprüüstü simülatörü GMDSS VHF with DCS Inmarsat-C AIS SART and AIS Unit

GMDSS Simulator General Features

- Communication set (GMDSS) set will be in computer environment. Communication between instructor and student stations will consist of equipment and software. Applied learning of software and device and deck personnel's radio communication systems will provide all kinds of applications that can fulfill global marine hazard and safety system (GMDSS) requirements


GMDSS SIMULATOR performs the following operations: 
- Marine Mobile Service (MMS) 
- General communication 
- Satellite Communication System 
- General concept of NBDP-TOR communication 
- Fields A1-A2-A3 and equipment in GMDSS Console located at a standard ship station:

- Radiotelephone VHF

- Radiotelephone SSB MF / HF 10 Mhz. For 30 Mhz. self-employed

- DSC Controller / Receiver VHF - CH70

- DSC Controller / Receiver MF / HF - 2-4-6-8-12-16 MHz

- Radio-telex (TOR-NBDP)

- INMARSAT Standard / CA / B / F (Fleet 77)

- NAVTEX (NBDP receiver)


 - NAVTEX Procedure - EGC Safety Network Message - Supervisor Function - Communication procedures for security and emergency 
- Search and Rescue operations 
- English for safe communication 
- Procedures and operations for maritime applications 
- General communication procedures 

Other features configured as Coast Station: Failure - Land Subscriber Database (For Ship-Land communication)

MF/HF DSC Modülü

SART ve Radar

GMDSS simülatör