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Bridge Simulator ARPA RADAR - General Features of Navigation / Watchkeeping Simulator

The imaging system will have the ability to rotate the image from the virtual heading direction to the bridge swallow, which can be rotated 360o horizontally, changing the vertical view of the image up and down.

- The imaging system will provide twilight, night and day conditions for educational purposes.

- The imaging system will include the sea state, wind, clouds, fog, rain, night stars, tide level head striking buoy, rudder waters, global world model and ground structure.

- Special lanterns for float systems (IALA System A and System B), navigation lights and navigational aids will be changeable.

- The display system showing 1 horizontal image area on the bridge will be provided by LCD projection system. This system should be able to be developed up to 11 images (window) when requested.

- On the bridge maneuvering and rudder control consoles will be equipped with the equipment required for cruise control of a classic and modern ship. 

Overhead Swallow viewü

Simulator Navigation Screens Vstep -The Bridge Display
VSTEP -Full Mission Bridge Simulators Image
NAUTIS Tug Simulator
Gemisim - Projection Circular Bridge Simulator
Gemisim - LED Display Bridge Simulator
Gemisim -Bridge Simulator with 3 LED

Ship maneuvering controls will include the following features;

On the computer screen;

To indicate the direction of the ship (Gyro Repeater) 
ship's speed, speed meter (Longitudinal Doppler Log,) 
Return rate indicator 
rudder sensor of 
the propeller of RPM and RPM / Pitch setting 
air pressure launch index 
Wind direction and speed (Relative and actual) gauge 
Depth gauge GPS fix (latitude / Longitude display) 
Interactive navigation lights and iron control panel

In the maneuvering console;

Dual motor telegram and RPM / Propeller 
Pitch control Rudder control system with manual steering control, 
FU / NFU and automatic helm functions 
Control of bow and pupa maneuvering propellers

ARPA RADAR screen;

- ARPA RADAR screen will simulate real devices, meet IMO requirements. The bridge will include modern color scanner type and navigation functions. ARPA RADAR will comply with the IMO regulations (A-477, A-48, A-823) in terms of the functions of the consoles.

- Operation on Radar X / S bands, Relative movement in Bow or North direction, Real motion and ARPA functions.

- Creation of effects on different pulse lengths and widths, different effects on different widths and widths, digital reflection, SART signal, Racon, Shadow sector, Reflection effect, Pseudo echo, Lap and side lobe effects, ARPA RADAR Simulator ship control navigation structures the effects of antenna rotation speeds can be affected by sea and rain.


Teacher screen;


- The tutorial unit will be able to give flexibility to select and control the following events before and during the user training scenario. These events are; Scenery and image creation system (sight, fog, sunlight) Environment (wind, current, sea, depth, shallowness etc.) Traffic (watching ship types, return points, rovers etc.) Radar echo

- The database management system will have the data editing feature for training, training, creating new scenarios, and a ready-made scenario.

Öğretmne Ekranı

- A second Bridge will be created in the computer environment. The features mentioned above on this bridge will be simulated.